• The Share the Road/Teens and Trucks program is a great way to teach drivers about the danger areas around a commercial vehicle.

    by Tony Bradley - President and CEO, Arizona Trucking Association
  • Keep a Safe Distance. While it is never safe to tailgate any vehicle on the highway, following too close is particularly dangerous around large trucks and buses because the size of these vehicles prevents you from seeing the road ahead and having sufficient time to react to slowing or stopped traffic or another obstacle.

    by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
  • Don’t Cut Off Trucks. Total stopping distance is very different for a large truck than a passenger car. So know that cutting it close with a truck can cut your life short.

    by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
  • Stay Out of the Truck’s Blind Spots/NO Zones. Trucks have very large blind spots.  Do not stay in a truck’s blind spots.

    by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
  • Trucks Make Wide Turns. Because of their large size, remember that a truck making a right turn may first swing left to clear the corner.  Conversely, a truck making a left turn may first swing right to clear vehicles and other objects on its left side.  Expect this and be prepared!

    by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

Don't Cut Off Trucks


Always give trucks room and never cut too close in front of them. Even in ideal conditions and with their large breaking systems, a truck can weigh substantially more than a car so it takes more time and distance for it to slow down and come to a stop.

It’s okay to pass a truck or bus, but do it safely. When you need to pass, be sure there is at least one car length for every 10 miles per hour you are traveling between you and the truck you are passing before pulling in front of the truck. For example, if traveling 60 mph, try to create at least six car lengths between the front of the truck and your vehicle before merging into the lane.